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July 28, 2015

Germany, Greece, and the Future of Europe

To overcome an economic crisis, the creditor must be smart and measured. It is right to demand strong reforms of a mismanaged debtor government; but if the debtor is pushed too hard, it is the society that breaks, leading to instability, violence, coups, and pervasive human suffering. While the debtor loses the most, the creditors also lose, as they are not repaid. The formula for success is to match reforms with debt relief, in line with the real needs of the economy. A smart creditor of Greece would ask some serious and probing questions. How can we help Greece to get credit moving again within the banking system? How can we help Greece to spur exports? What is needed to promote the rapid growth of small and medium-size Greek enterprises? For five years now, Germany has not asked these questions.

No Mercy

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Destroyed Key Deflategate Evidence

A Witch Hunt For Kurdish Politicians Is Brewing In Turkey

Athena Image

'Major Progressive Force' In Turkey... Critics: ISIS Fight A Pretext To Go After Kurds...

New Footage Shows Sandra Bland In Jail

Sandra Bland
Walter County

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Sandra Bland.. Neal Falls Investigation.. Hart Island Opening To Public.. Child Predator.. NYPD Trouble

Congress May Barely Miss Careening Off Funding Cliff

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O Followed Huckabee's Advice.. Vermont After Bernie.. Stewart Q&A.. GOP Circus.. Holocaust Remark

Killer Of Famed Zimbabwe Lion Revealed As American Dentist

Credit: Bryan Orford/YouTube

Another Argument From Obamacare Critics Is Starting To Crumble

Athena Image
Credit: Brendan Smialowski via Getty Images

Scientist: We Are 'On Cusp' Of Discovering If Life Exists Beyond Earth

Athena Image
Credit: Getty Images

Bernie Sanders' Grassroots Problem

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Scott Olson via Getty Images

Trump's Lawyer Apologizes For 'You Can't Rape Your Spouse' Comment

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

U.S. To Release Israeli Spy After 30 Years

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The Complicated Problem Of Race And Special Education

Athena Image

Hillary's Climate Change Push Has A Major Hole In It

Athena Image

Maryland Gov Declares 'Bald Is Beautiful' In Battle With Cancer

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British Lord Quits Over Cocaine And Sex Sting

The Sun

U.S. Wrestles With Complicated Partner In Fight Against ISIS

Athena Image
Pool via Getty Images

Celebrities Explain Why The Iran Deal Is So Important

Morgan Freeman Global Zero
Global Zero

Obama's Ed Chief: Graduation Rates Matter More Than Student Debt

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Only 4 Remain

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Heat Records.. Mutt Day.. Divestment.. Arctic Drilling.. Sea Lions.. Pope And Mayors.. California Flooding

Former Stripper Charged With Murder In 20-Year-Old Cold Case

Tricia Abney

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Sandra Bland.. Neal Falls Investigation.. Hart Island Opening To Public.. Child Predator.. NYPD Trouble

More Than 2,000 Migrants Storm Eurotunnel

Athena Image
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Politico Reporter Gets A Big Yes From Bernie Sanders On Media Unions

Athena Image

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Times' Clinton Fiasco.. NY Mag's Cosby Exposé.. Sandra Bland Arrest.. Donald Trump's Thin Skin..

War Of Nerves Marks Newest Round Of Greek Debt Talks

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Overlooked Yemen.. Fahmy's Judgment Day.. The Future Of Greek Doctors?.. Anti-Terror In Tunisia

Germany Takes On Role Of Eurozone's DJ

Athena Image
JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images

Poll: America Still Wants To Fund Planned Parenthood After Sting Videos

Electionpolitical Rallyconventionpresidenthuman Ro
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Health Care Spending Is Rising Faster, But Don't Panic

Cash Wallet Health Care Health Care Costs
Shutterstock / Joe Belanger

What Went Wrong With Rand Paul’s Campaign

Athena Image

GOP: Deregulate Wall Street, Or The Roman Empire Will Fall

Curiositiesgruppo Storico Romanohuman Interestnata
Giorgio Cosulich via Getty Images

One Email That Proves Campaign Finance Laws Are A Joke

Athena Image
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Prison Worker Pleads Guilty To Helping NY Killers Escape

Athena Image
Handout via Getty Images

Jon Stewart Secretly Advised Obama On Several Major Issues

Athena Image
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Lawmakers: It's Time To Get Serious About Boosting Women's Soccer

Athena Image
Dennis Grombkowski via Getty Images

NATO Holds Rare Emergency Meeting To Discuss ISIS Threat To Turkey

Turkey Islamic

7 Numbers That Show The Fight Against Hepatitis Is Far From Over

Athena Image
Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Senate Aims To Vote On Defunding Planned Parenthood

Athena Image
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Iran Deal Still Being Sold On The Hill

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

For Puerto Rico, Prosperity Requires Equality

San Juan Capital

Robert Fisk: Almost Everyone Has Betrayed The Kurds

Athena Image
AP Photo/Cagdas Erdogan

Jeb's Claim Of His Florida Boom Economy Has A Big Problem

Athena Image

White House: 'Pardon Edward Snowden? LOL!'

Athena Image
Credit: Adam Berry via Getty Images


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'The View' Reportedly Bringing Back A Familiar Face Next Season

The View
The View/ABC

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Times' Clinton Fiasco.. NY Mag's Cosby Exposé.. Sandra Bland Arrest.. Donald Trump's Thin Skin..

The Moment Charlamagne Tha God Stopped Defending Bill Cosby

Charlamagne Tha God Huffpost Live Charlamagne Tha
HuffPost Live

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In 1988, Oprah Asked Donald Trump If He'd Ever Run For President. Here's How He Replied.

Athena Image

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Jon Stewart Does A Brilliant Uncensored Q&A With His Audience In This Rare Behind-The-Scenes Clip

Comedy Central

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HBO Now Comes To Verizon

Athena Image

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25 Worst Original Names Of Famous Bands

Athena Image
Michael Kovac via Getty Images

Why Coloring Could Be The New Alternative To Meditation

Coloring Flower Mandalas
Coloring Flower Mandalas

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Tony Winners.. Emma Sulkowitz's New Video.. Bolshoi Ballet.. Life Of Nude Model.. Vagina Sculpture

Black 'Harry Potter' Characters Aren't Just Beautiful -- They're Revolutionary

Racebent Hermione

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#SandraBland.. Mourning Bobbi Kristina.. Iman Turns 60.. #BlackLivesMatter.. Paul Mooney

Dramatic Video Shows Penguin Escaping Her SeaWorld Tank

Athena Image
Timmy Dozois/YouTube

Kids Hospitalized With Severe Sunburns After Day Care Trip (GRAPHIC)

Courtesy Shaunna Broadway

Rapper Opens Up About His Daughter's Suicide

Athena Image
Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images

'The Bachelorette' Finds (Reality TV) Love

The Bachelorette

This Phone App Lets You Contribute To Research On Your Own Disease

Athena Image
Richard Drew/AP

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This Is What A $21 Million Penthouse In NYC Looks Like

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

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The History Of The Universe, As Explained By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Star Max/IPx

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16 Desserts You Can Make With Cookie Dough That Aren't Cookies

Front Cookie Dough
Half Baked Harvest

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A Review Of 30 Summer Beers, All Of Which I Consumed Last Night

Athena Image

Here's What Made T. Rex's Big, Knife-Like Teeth So Strong

Athena Image

Workplace Rudeness Isn't Just Toxic. It's Contagious.

Athena Image

This Is Why You Don't Park In The Bike Lane

Guy Picks Up Car Bike Lane
Joe Loreto

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This App Could Help Combat Racial Profiling During Traffic Stops

Athena Image
Courtesy of Mbye Njie

Bob Iger Admits ESPN Could Be Sold On Its Own Like HBO

Athena Image

Disney CEO Admits ESPN Could Be Sold On Its Own Like HBO

Is The 'Terrifying' Landing Going Viral Really That Bad?

Plane Landing

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10 Things To Know About Marrying A Strong Woman

Strong Woman
PhotoAlto/Eric Audras

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8 Fantastic Uses For Your Coffee Grounds

Athena Image
Getty Images/iStockphoto

21 Documentaries Every Arts & Culture Lover Should Stream Right Now

Athena Image
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

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This Woman’s Beatboxing Skills Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Kaila Mullady

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What Your Handwriting Says About You

Designer Creates Spiky Shower Curtain To Help Save The Environment

Elisabeth Buecher Shower Spikes
Courtesy of Elisabeth Buecher

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'Brazen Bandit' Robs Bank, Takes Complimentary Lollipop

Bank Robber

Vintage Supermodels Photos Are So Beautiful It Hurts

Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

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Luke Bryan Says Confederate Flag Has Become A 'Symbol Of Racism'

Athena Image

4 Sneaky Signs You're Lonely (And What To Do About It)

11 Things Mothers Want Their Daughter-In-Laws To Know

Couple Parents

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